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Becoming purpose driven
community members

Why ARS?

Men and women are being released from prison every day. Without a structured reentry back to society, they’re given their belongings and shown the door which means they don’t have the tools and training to build a better life and they’re more likely to return to their previous ways. Advantage Reentry Services seeks to change that by providing ex-offenders a clear path to employment, self-improvement, stronger relationships, challenging goals, and a better, brighter future. Our purpose is to unleash the potential of every re-entrant and enhance the fabric of the community. We believe that ex-offenders can not just survive after prison, but truly thrive and make a positive impact on the communities that they call home.

What is Residential Reentry?

Residential Reentry is a stepping stone between incarceration and life outside of the prison walls. A residential reentry center provides a place for an ex-offender to transition back to society by providing structure and guidance for the men and women who live there. Residential Reentry Centers offer ex-offenders a safe place to live while they gather important documentation, find work, and acclimate to a new life.


We prepare ex-offenders for their new life with classes including journaling, anger management, resume writing, and interviewing. In addition, we have classes to empower them to build a better future with budgeting, goal setting, parenting, and regular accountability.


We have an on-site employment specialist who helps our residents find suitable employment. In addition, we host regular job fairs and partner with local employers to create a win-win-win for ex-offenders, companies looking to grow, and the community.


Later in their stay, our residents can earn the privilege of weekend passes to visit family and rebuild important relationships. In addition, our residents work with a housing coordinator to find a place to call their own and continue to establish roots in the community.


Our goal is not just to get ex-offenders from prison into the community, but to build them up and empower them to be creators of positive change. We seek to build purpose-driven community members who give back to society and improve the communities they call home.